International Screenwriting and Production


Lux vide Scholarships

Thanks to a grant from Lux vide, three full Scholarships will be awarded to excellent students applying from Italy or any other country in the world. These three Scholarships are in memory of Sara Melodia, alumna MISP and for many years Head of Drama for Lux vide

Other Scholarships

A minimum of 3 other scholarships of 5.000 euro each will be granted to general applicants.
Scholarships will be given to students who have financial difficulties and an excellent curriculum.

Candidates applying for a scholarship must include a motivation letter in the admission portal, explaining the reason why they should be eligible.
The Direction of MISP will carefully consider all the applications and will decide, on its own discretion, who will be the scholarship winners.

The scholarships could be increased depending on the possible subsidies of sponsors and the results of the application process

Financial Aid

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore with Intesa-San Paolo grants student loans with special and favorable conditions. Loan could be awarded to students enrolled on the master program.
More information at www.intesabridge.it
Other scholarships


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