International Screenwriting and Production


The one year Master in International Screenwriting and Production  –MISP is a postgraduate program that aims at creating professionals working in the entertainment business (mainly screenwriters, story editors and producers), providing them with a thorough understanding of the audiovisual industry and a strong knowledge of the storytelling techniques, which are the heart of every project of feature film and television series.

The Master is organized in collaboration with Fondazione Perseus.

Entertainment: an industry that can be your future

The audiovisual entertainment business is among the leading industries worldwide, being one of the main sources of national income not only in the USA, but also in other developed countries in the world.  It is an industry that places creativity at the heart of its business strategy.
Cinema, TV, theatre, advertising, publishing and videogames are only a few of the areas of the entertainment arena.

Following the digital revolution, new scenarios and new opportunities have been emerging every day, making the entertainment business one of the most dynamic and appealing sectors for new bright graduates of top Universities around the world. 

The audiovisual sector is a wide-ranging area that combines cultural and economic value, generating numerous and various professional opportunities, many of which are often little known. Some of the most sought after professions are:

  • Film and TV screenwriters;
  • Creators of  TV formats;
  • Advertising copywriters;
  • Writers of video games, webseries and comic books;
  • Story editors and fiction editors;
  • Acquisition and programming managers;
  • Producers, showrunners and film directors;
  • Professionals working in physical production (production assistants, assistant directors, location managers, etc.);
  • Professionals working in film distribution, product placement and talent agencies.




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