International Screenwriting and Production


Five disciplines will be subject of a specific exam at the end of the classes (around June 2025). The credits will be acquired according to the following exams:

Screenwriting theory  - 8 CFU

Script analysis and project evaluation  - 8 CFU

 Writing techniques for audiovisual products - 12 CFU

  •  Screenwriting practice: treatments, scenes and dialogues, scripts, pitches;
  •  The writing of genres and adaptation;
  •  Writing for different formats: comic books, novels, documentaries, entertainment TV shows, advertising, the web, mobile media, transmedia projects;
  • Screenwriting and production of animation projects.

The audiovisual industry - 4 CFU

  • Industries and audiences;
  • TV acquisition and programming and film distribution;
  • The physical production: pre-production, shooting, post-production, contracts and budgeting.

 Communication ethics - 4 CFU

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