International Screenwriting and Production



Candidates holding a non-Italian Bachelor Degree should apply here to the following link.

Candidates holding an Italian Bachelor Degree or another academic title issued by an Italian University should follow the indications provided below.

Applicants are required to fill in the admission portal by enclosing:

  • Updated CV in English
  • Applicants can also send any material (scripts, treatments, novels, etc. maximum 1 MB) that they consider that may be relevant in the selection process. They can also deliver dvds (short films etc.) when they are called for the interview.

Deadline for applications:

May 2, 2018  - First round
September 3, 2018 - Second round

Registration fee

50 € to be paid according to the requirements specified in the application form online

Cost and financing

The tuition fee is 9.000 euro to be paid as follows:
3000 euro upon admission;
3000 euro by 30th of November 2018
3000 euro by 31st of January 2019


A minimum of 3 scholarships of 4.500 euro each will be granted.
Scholarships will be given to students who have financial difficulties and an excellent curriculum.
Candidates applying for a scholarship must include a motivation letter in the admission portal, explaining the reason why they should be eligible.
The Direction of MISP will carefully consider all the applications and will decide, on its own discretion, who will be the scholarship winners.
The scholarships could be increased depending on the possible subsidies of sponsors and the results of the application process.

Financial Aid

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore with Intesa-San Paolo grants student loans with special and favorable conditions. Loan could be awarded to students enrolled on the master program.

More information at www.intesabridge.it

Other scholarships: master.unicatt.it/borse-studio

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