International Screenwriting and Production

Participant profile and career prospects

Participants profile

The Master program, taught in English, is designed for both Italian and foreign graduate students with a Bachelor  in Literature, Philosophy, Foreign Languages, Media studies and Communication (preferable). Candidates with a different educational background can be admitted to MISP after being evaluated by the program’s scientific committee.

The bachelor degree must be obtained before the beginning of the program.
Exceptionally, candidates coming from Italian universities who have finished their exams and have only to discuss  their final dissertation can be admitted, but if they do not obtain the degree at the end of the academic year 2023-2024, their enrolment in the Master Program will not be confirmed and it will be cancelled.

Students must be able to excel in courses that are reading-and-writing intensive.

For applicants coming from Italian universities,  official  English proficiency certificates  are not required. Applicants are required to demonstrate a good command of the English language during the selection  interview.

For applicants coming from foreign universities, official English proficiency certificates that are required are indicated here.

Career opportunities

Graduates from the MISP are exposed to a wide range of career opportunities. They have both the theoretical knowledge and the methodological tools suited to pursue professional and managerial careers as:

  • Screenwriters or creative producers of television series and feature films;
  • Authors of TV entertainment programs and documentaries, copywriters, creators of video games and webseries, writers of comic books and novels and fiction editors in publishing companies;
  • Story editors and script consultants;
  • Supervisors of evaluation, acquisition and programming of TV shows and TV series;
  • Professionals working in the different areas of the television and film industry (physical production, distribution, acquisition, product placement, talent agencies, etc.)
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