International Screenwriting and Production

Project work

MISP students who choose the screenwriting career will present  a script for a feature film or a TV pilot, which can be either an original idea or an adaptation. This script can be written in English, Italian, French or Spanish.
MISP students who will choose the production track will undertake an internship on a film/TV series shooting (or also, if possible, within an established production or distribution company, a TV network or an advertising agency).

For foreign students who do not speak Italian, it can be difficult/impossible  to begin an internship for the production track in Italy: in this case either  they have to find and internship in their own country or they have to choose the writing track, and deliver a script as their final work.

For a good number of the students who will choose the screenwriting path, at the end of their final projects there will also be the possibility of doing and internships in some production company or network or writers room. This internship cannot be guaranteed in advance for everyone, as it will always depend on the acceptance of the candidate by the employer.

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