International Screenwriting and Production


Program type: full time

MISP will start on September 25th , 2018 (for foreign students) and on October 9th , 2018 (for Italian students).
Classes will end by May 2019.
The graduation day will be at the end of November 2019.
A break of 3 weeks will be scheduled during Christmas time.

Classes will take place four days a week (Tuesday to Friday) from 10.00 to 17.30 in the Milan Campus of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.
Attendance is mandatory. In order to graduate, a minimum of 90% attendance is required.

Final diploma
At the end of MISP, students will be issued the diploma of Master Universitario di I Livello (60 CFU) in International Screenwriting and Production





Workshop and Laboratories


Individual study


Internship/ final project




The course will be divided into 12 intensive modules for a total of around 80 days of class, of 6 hours each

  • Screenwriting theory
  • Market and distribution, programming
  • Writing the short film (practical)
  • Writing and development of a treatment (practical)
  • The analysis of a screenplay
  • Writing different genres (biopic, comedy, romance,  TV miniseries,  TV series, etc.)
  • Adaptation from literature and from true events
  • Analysis of TV series
  • Nonfiction genres and  other formats: web series, branded entertainment, documentary, reality shows, advertising, live shows, transmedia projects, etc.
  • Production
  • From treatment to script; writing a scene; writing the dialogue (practical)
  • Case histories and testimonies
  • Writing and production for animation

Some students will also have the possibility of attending some specific collateral seminars:

  • Cinema distribution (Disney Theatrical Distribution Italy)
  • Writing TV sit-com (Renata Avidano and Maurizio Sangalli)
  • Writing comics (Silvia Martinoli, Disney)


Five disciplines will be subject of a specific exam at the end of the classes (around June 2019). The credits will be acquired according to the following exams:

Screenwriting theory - 8 CFU

Script analysis and project evaluation - 8 CFU

 Writing techniques for audiovisual products - 12 CFU

  • Screenwriting practice: treatments, scenes and dialogues, scripts, pitches;
  • The writing of genres and adaptation;
  • Writing for different formats: comic books, novels, documentaries, entertainment TV shows, advertising, the web, mobile media, transmedia projects;
  • Screenwriting and production of animation projects.

The audiovisual industry - 4 CFU

  • Industries and audiences;.
  • TV acquisition and programming and film distribution;
  • The physical production: pre-production, shooting, post-production, contracts and budgeting.

 Communication ethics - 4 CFU

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