•    Semester 1 Late February
•    Semester 2 End of July
•    Full Year End of July

Procedure in order to ensure timely processing of transcripts: students need to provide a list of completed exams before returning home (the university will provide such a form before the end of the semester). Students who take late exams may experience some delay in receiving transcript. Please notify International Student Services of any home institution deadline for receiving transcript for graduation, etc.
For further information please contact: 
Administrative support and Italian Language Course Coordinator
Laura Ferrari,, +39.02.7234.5802

Office hours: from Monday to Friday 9.30AM – 12.30AM. Afternoon: 2PM – 5PM
Instructions if the contact person is not available:
Central Office: 02-7234-5801 (from 9:00AM to 5.30PM, Mon-Fri)

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