International Cinema


The Summer School has the goal to provide students, script-writers and producers with the opportunity to develop International Cinema projects (as well as TV-Movies and Miniseries) under the guidance of Bobette Buster – one of the most renown teachers of script-writing and development consultants in the USA.


Tentative schedule (it may have some small internal changes within the days selected for the seminar)

  • Sunday, September 22, 2019 – ARRIVAL in Rimini
  • Monday, September 23 (9.30 – 16.30)

Introductory class

  • Tuesday –  Saturday, September 28 (9:30-16:30)

Work of development on the projects conducted by Bobette Buster

One day of the above five will be left free for an excursion.

  • Sunday, September 29 – Departure from Rimini



Bobette Buster is a script consultant and teacher with a long and hagh profile career in Hollywood; she is now also professor of Digital Storytelling at NorthEastern University in Boston. For many years she has been a part-time lecturer of script-writing at the University of Southern California in the Peter Stark producing program. She has held several courses and seminars both for the American industry (Pixar Animation Studios, Sony Animation Studios, Disney Animaton Studios, Twentieth Century Fox, etc.) and for the best European and Latin-American script-writing programs (La Fémis in Paris, Media Business School in Spain, North by Northwest in Denmark, Sundance Lab for Latin American Writers in Mexico, among others). She has been working as script-writer, production consultant and development consultant for several major production companies and networks (Columbia, HBO, Morgan Creek, and others). She has also worked with famous directors and producers such as Tony Scott, Kevin Costner, Ray Stark, among others. In Italy she has been working as a teacher and a consultant for Lux vide and Cattleya. Bobette's students have worked on successful feature films and hit television series, winning some important industry awards including Academy Awards, Emmys, Cannes Special Jury Prizes and BAFTAS. Recently Bobette collaborated in the screenwriting process of the feature film Siberian Education, directed by Oscar winner Gabriele Salvatores.

Her first book Do/Story has had seven reprints in three years after its release.

She has just written and produced a feature film documentary, Making Waves. The Art of Cinematic Sound, which has had its 2019 premièere both in Tribeca Film Festival and in Cannes Film Festival.



Professor of Semiotics and Director of the Master Program in International Screenwriting and Production (MISP) at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan. He is a script-development consultant for the TV company Lux Vide. In this role he has been involved in the development of many Miniseries and TV-Movies for RaiUno and Canale 5 (John Paul II, War and Peace, Maria di Nazareth, Anna Karenina, Medici. Masters of Florence, etc.) some of them being International coproductions (with American Cbs, Netflix and/or the main European TV networks), and for the feature film Bianca come il latte rossa come il sangue (2013). He has been lecturing in screenwriting for Rai, Mediaset and at the Milan Campus of the Italian Scuola Nazionale di Cinema. He has been lecturing on the same subjects in Universities and Screenwriting courses in Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, Madrid, New York, Pamplona, Santiago del Chile, etc. His most recent books on these topics is Creatività al potere. Da Hollywood alla Pixar, passando per l’Italia, Lindau 2013, translated also in Spanish and an edition of Aristotle’s Poetics for screenwriters (Audino, 2018).


  • Students, script-writers, story editors and producers.
  • Those who apply as non authors can be older than that.

Maximum participants at the seminar: 20.

A number between 4 and 6 scripts or treatments will be selected as object of the seminar studies.

  • A maximum of 10 added partial participants will be possibly admitted to the first two days of class.

Three modalities of participation are possible:

a) as authors of treatments which will be object of evaluation and development during the seminar. The treatment shall be between 20.000 and 30.000 characters.

b) as non-author participants, who will likewise follow all lectures and take part in all development activities as well as in the workgroups.

c) as partial participants, who will participate to the first two days of class.

The treatments submitted can be written in Italian or English.. All seminar activities will be held in English.


» Apply now

Application deadline: September 3, 2019.

Seminar's application shall be submitted with an up-to-date CV  to and to

Scripts or treatments must be sent to:    and to

In 10 days’time selected applicants will receive confirmation of their enrolment (be it as authors or as participant editors) which shall be completed by September 16, 2019 under payment of the fee of participation.

  • The complete fee for participants coming from productions companies or network is

-    €  1000 +  VAT 22%

  • The fee for partial participation is:

-    €  400 +  VAT 22%

The contributions of Fondazione Perseus and of the Master in International Screenwriting and Production will allow the participants to the whole seminar coming on their own and benefiting from no other scholarships or financial help, to have acces to a reduced fee of::

- € 50,00 + VAT 22% for current and former students of the Master in Scrittura e produzione per la fiction e il cinema/Master in International Screenwriting and Production at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, who were born after January 1st, 1984;

- € 400,00 + VAT 22% for all other applicants.

Fees payment may be made through:

- bank transfer:
Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A.
IBAN: IT 07 W 03069 03390 211610000191
Causale: ALMED - Cinema internazionale + student's name

Please remember to state clearly the participant’s name and to fill in the reason for payment with the course title.

Thanks to an agreement with Hotel Continental, the participants to the course will have access to a reduced fee:

  • € 58 per day in double room (accommodation and half board)
  • € 80 per day in double room used as single (accommodation and half board)
  • € 77 per day in single room (accommodation and half board)

Participants can call directly the Hotel, book their room and say they are part of the seminar of Università Cattolica – ALMED to have access to the reduced fees.

For further information and enrolment, please contact:

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore –

Alta Scuola in Media Comunicazione e Spettacolo

Via S.Agnese 2– 20123 Milan, Italy

Tel. +39.02.7234.2814      

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