From point of arrival in host country to city/town nearest institution:

Please attempt to arrive at Malpensa International Airport, 40 Km from Milan City Center. There is a train connection between Malpensa and Milan (Cadorna Station) every 30 minutes.

From within city/town to institution:

Subway: Red line, stop at Cadorna Station, 10 minutes walk to campus central building. Green line, stop at St. Ambrogio Station, 5 minutes walk to campus. Additional information will be provided by email.


Milan International Living Service is a student housing company run by a young and professional team, located at Università Cattolica. MIL Service provides a very comfortable and welcoming environment and can rely on a sympathetic and helpful support staff. The apartments are fully equipped making it an ideal “homey” housing solution.

Furnished accommodations are available in Milan through the MIL Service, which offers:

Single or shared rooms in off-campus dorms
Fully furnished shared apartments

Facilities include:

Wireless internet connection
Utilities (water and electricity)
Biweekly cleaning service
TV & DVD players

For further information see >

Alternatively, students can find their own accommodation before and upon arrival in rental apartments

with other students. For assistance they should refer to:

Assistance from the international student association, ESN
Housing websites


1st Semester Late February
2nd Semester End of July
Full Year End of July

Procedure in order to ensure timely processing of transcripts: students need to provide a list of the passed exams before returning home (the University will provide the proper form before the end of the semester). Students who take late exams may experience some delay in receiving the transcript. Please notify International Student Services of any home institution deadline for receiving transcript for graduation, etc.

For further information see:

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