IMACS 2020 English version

The International Master in Audiovisual and Cinema Studies (IMACS) is a research-oriented graduate degree program with a focus on film studies and an interdisciplinary outlook.

At UCSC University  IMACS is a program offered by the Master Degree in Business, Media And Organizational Communication (Comunicazione per l’Impresa, i Media e le Organizzazioni Complesse- CIMO),  curriculum in Media Management. CIMO Master Degree arose from the partnership among three Faculties (Economics, Political and Social Sciences, Arts and Philosophy) and aims to provide theoretical and interdisciplinary training necessary for the development of skills relevant to understand, analyse and create communication processes.

In particular, the curriculum in Media Management, linked to Imacs Programme, provides aesthetic, historical, semiotic, economic and strategic, juridical, psychological and anthropological skills devoted to the design, critique, diagnosis and strategic production in the audiovisual field.

At UCSC University  IMACS courses cover film history, crossmediality and storytelling, media pragmatics, audiovisual media policies, cinema and media economics, media anthropology.

The course program includes a minimum of one/two courses in English per semester.

UCSC International organizes an Italian Language Course, designed for students who want to learn, study and explore the Italian language. The language course is not compulsory but highly recommended

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