Cultural Diplomacy. Arts and Media for International Relations and Global Communication


Cities, Museums, Visual Arts, Music, Sports, Mega events and Social media represent the new frontier in creating a global reputation for public and private sectors.
The new Master in Cultural Diplomacy program offers a multidisciplinary approach to Public diplomacy and International relations, Cultural diplomacy, Digital diplomacy and Global communication.
The Master program trains professionals for international careers in the public and private sectors in international relations, arts and cultural events, Nation and City branding strategies. The Master is promoted by the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, within the activities of the Graduate School of Media Communication and Performing Arts (ALMED), and with the teaching and scientific support of the Graduate School of Economics and International Relations (ASERI).

Ruggero Eugeni, scientific director
Federica Olivares, director and creator of the Master program



  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • English proficiency

Professional paths

  • Public and cultural diplomacy in international organizations, foundations, NGO’s
  • Management of global communication and international affairs for multinational companies and consulting firms
  • Management of international relations offices for Cities and Regions


  • Number edition: 1
  • Number participants: 30
  • Duration: 1 year
  • Location: Rome
  • Starting date: November 2017
  • Tuition Fee:  € 10.000 (in three installments)


If you have any questions about our Master, please get in touch.

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